Magento and Shopify features comparison (148 features compared)

Magento eCommerce and Shopify are two very popular digital commerce platform and merchants often decide between two of them when plan an online store. There are probably hundreds of articles that compare these platforms, but to our surprise we couldn’t find one that compares Magento and Shopify features head-to-head. In this post you’ll find such comparison.

Magento and Shopify: beyond the features

However before we starting to compare features, let’s have a quick outlook to the platforms characteristics that lay beyond features if we define them as technical capabilities. An infographic below provides that high-level overview.


We’ll refer to the best high-level comparisons in the references section at the bottom of this post.

Magento vs Shopify features compared

Now let’s start comparing features. Couple important notes about the comparison below:

  • We compared out-of-the-box features, not something that can be done through apps/extensions. The reason for that that Magento has over 9,000 apps and Shopify over 500, so making full comparison of all the functionality available through apps is barely possible. In some cases we made a notes that the feature is available through an app
  • We used Magento Community as a basis for comparison. Some features available in Magento Enterprise only mentioned in the notes

So the comparison table is below, it is pretty expensive (contains 148 rows).  You’ll find a summary analysis below the table.

Magento and Shopify comparison, out of the box features
Product catalogueUnlimited products and categoriesyesyesCategories are Collections in Shopify
Product catalogueSub-categoriesyesno*In Shopify tagging used for sub-categories
Product catalogueSimple productsyesyes
Product catalogueOptionsyesyesDone through variants in Shopify, less flexible than in Magento
Product catalogueOptions custom priceyesyesDone through variants in Shopify, less flexible than in Magento
Product catalogueConfigurable productsyesyesDone through variants in Shopify, less flexible than in Magento
Product catalogueGrouped productsyesno
Product catalogueBundle productsyesno
Product catalogueVirtual productsyesno
Product catalogueDigital productsyesyes
Product catalogueUnlimited product attributesyesno*In Shopify free or paid app required
Product catalogueAttribute setsyesno
Product catalogueBack ordersyesno*Customisation or App required in Shopify
Product catalogueMin/max quantitiesyesno
Product catalogueBatch updates to products in admin panelyesyes
Product catalogueAutomatic image resizingyesyes
Product catalogueAutomatic image watermarkingyesno
Product catalogueSpecial pricesyesyesCompare price in Shopify
Product catalogueAdvanced pricing rulesyesno
Product catalogueSearch results rewrites and redirectsyesno
Product catalogueCustomer product tagsyesno
Product catalogueCustomer reviewsyesno*Can be done through free app in Shopify
Product cataloguePersonalisation: text, imagesyesno*Customisation required in Shopify
Product catalogueProduct sorting settings (admin)yesyes
Product catalogueProduct RSS feedyesno
Catalog and product browsingLayered navigation with flexible filtersyesyes
Catalog and product browsingSelect grid and list format for products listingyesno
Catalog and product browsingSearch auto-suggestyesno*Customisation required in Shopify
Catalog and product browsingBreadcrumbsyesyes
Catalog and product browsingCategory specific designyesnoCustomisation required in Shopify
Catalog and product browsingProduct specific designyesnoCustomisation required in Shopify
Catalog and product browsingMultiple images per productyesyes
Catalog and product browsingProduct image zoomyesnoYes*
Catalog and product browsingStock availabilityyesyes
Catalog and product browsingFacebook and Twitter shareyesyes
CheckoutOne page checkoutyesno
CheckoutGuest checkoutyesyes
CheckoutMultiple addressesyesno
CheckoutOptional start of checkout account creationyesyes
CheckoutSaved shopping cartyesnoyes
CheckoutSSL – front and back-endyesyes
CheckoutGift messagesyesno*Customisation required in Shopify
CheckoutShipping and tax estimateyesno*Customisation required in Shopify
CheckoutSaved credit card for offline paymentyesno
CheckoutCharge or authoriseyes
CheckoutNative support of Paypalyesyes
CheckoutNative support of Authorise.netyesyes
CheckoutNative support of Braintreeyesyes
CheckoutSupport of checks/money ordersyesyes
CheckoutSupport of purchase ordersyesno
CheckoutShipping labels for major carriersyesno*In Shopify for USPS only and in US only – Incorrect, printing label app
CheckoutReal-time UPS ratesyesyes
CheckoutReal-time DHL ratesyesno
CheckoutReal-time USPS ratesyesyes
CheckoutReal-time Fedex ratesyesyes
CheckoutLimit shipping by countriesyesyes
CheckoutFlat shipping rates per orderyesyes
CheckoutFlat shipping rates per itemyesno
CheckoutTable rates on weight, amount and destinationyesyes
CheckoutOrder tracking from customer accountsyesyes
CheckoutFraud Analyis toolnoyes*3rd party extension required in Magento, not available for external gateways with all plans in Shopify
MarketingRelated productsyesno
MarketingSimple couponsyesyes
MarketingUnique coupons auto-generationyesnoAutomatic generation of unique coupons for list of eligible customers – Yes this has it too
MarketingComplex promotion rulesyesno
MarketingMulti-tier quantity discountsyesno
MarketingMinimum Advertised Price (MAP)yesno
MarketingCustomer groupsyesyes
MarketingCustomer group pricingyesyes*Requires to create coupon in Shopify
MarketingRecently viewed productsyesno
MarketingNew productsyesno
MarketingProduct comparisonyesno
MarketingWish listyesno
MarketingShare wish listyesno
MarketingPersistent Shopping Cartyesno
MarketingFree shippingyesyes
MarketingNewsletter systemyesno
MarketingShare with friendsyesno
MarketingCategory landing pageyesyes
MarketingGift cardsnoyes*From "Shopify" plan in Shopify, in Magent requires 3rd party extension or Enterprise Edition
MarketingAutomatic Abandoned Cart emailsnoyes*From "Shopify" plan in Shopify, in Magent requires 3rd party extension or Enterprise Edition
SEOGoogle site mapyesyes
SEOSEO friendly URLsyespartialOnly last part of URL can be changed in Shopify
SEOURL rewrite managementyesyes
SEOProduct Metayesyes
SEOCategories Metayesyes
SEOContent pages Metayesyes
SEOAuto site mapyesyes
SEOAuto search termsyesno
SEOGoogle Shopping supportyesno*free app required in Shopify
Site ManagementMultiple websites and storesyesno
Site ManagementUnlimited admin user accountsyesnoDepends on plan in Shopify, from 2
Site ManagementAdmin user access restrictionsyesyes
Site ManagementAdmin user rolesyesno
Site ManagementComplete look&feel controlyesyes
Site ManagementMultiple languages supportyes*yesone language per store in Shopify
Site ManagementMultiple currencies supportyesnoTheme customisation required in Shopify to display multiple currencies
Site ManagementCatalogue batch importyesyes
Site ManagementCustomers batch importyesyes
Site ManagementCMSyesyes
Site ManagementBlogextensionyes
Site ManagementFlexible tax ratesyesyes
Site ManagementOptional CAPTCHAyesno
Site ManagementAllowed countries for shipping, billing and registrationyesyes*In Shopify defined through Shipping zones only
Site ManagementEU VAT validationyesno
Site ManagementEU cookies notificationyesno
Order ManagementView, edit, create and fulfill ordersyesyes
Order ManagementInvoices, shipmentsyesyes
Order ManagementCredit memosyesno
Order ManagementSplit invoices and fulfillmentyesno
Order ManagementPrint invoices, pack. slips and shipping labelsyesno
Order ManagementPhone orders with custom. account syncyesyes
Order ManagementAssisted Shoppingyesno
Order ManagementCustomized Order Statusyesno
Order ManagementRe-order for customers from admin interfaceyesno
Order ManagementOrder email notificationsyesyes
Order ManagementRSS feed of new ordersyesno
Order ManagementCustomisable transaction emailsyesyes
Customer accountsCustomer dashboardyesyes
Customer accountsAddress book with unlimited addressesyesyes
Customer accountsWish list with commentsyesno
Customer accountsOrder statuses and historyyesyes
Customer accountsRe-order from accountyesno
Customer accountsRecently ordered itemsyesno
Customer accountsDefault billing and shipping addressesyesyes
Customer accountsNewsletter subscription managementyesno
Customer accountsEmail or RSS share of wish listyesno
Customer accountsProduct tags submittedyesno
Customer accountsProduct reviews submittedyesno
Customer accountsAccess to digital products purchasedyesno
Analytics and ReportingGoogle Analytics eCommerce tracking integrationyesyes
Analytics and ReportingAdmin dashboard with reportsyesyes
Analytics and ReportingSales reportyesyes
Analytics and ReportingTax reportyesyes
Analytics and ReportingAbandoned shopping cart reportyesno*free app
Analytics and ReportingBest viewed products reportyesno
Analytics and ReportingBest purchased products reportyesyes
Analytics and ReportingLow stock reportyesno
Analytics and ReportingSearch terms reportyesno
Analytics and ReportingProduct reviews reportyesno
Analytics and ReportingTags reportyesno
Analytics and ReportingCoupon usage reportyesno
Analytics and ReportingInsights : Website cart analysisnoyes
OthersResponsive themesyesyes
OthersBuilt-in POSnoyesExtra $40/month for Shopify, 3rd party extension required in Magento

If you think that the comparison need to be amended or corrected – feel free to post a comment to this post, we’ll appreciate that.


From the full list of features compared (148):

Magento vs Shopify comparison. All features

  • 62 are available in both systems
  • 77 are available in Magento only
  • 5 are available in Shopify only

Features by category

Magento vs Shopify comparison. Features by categories comparison

Based on that analysis it is clear that Magento beats Shopify in number of features available out of the box.


Magento is definitely packed with more features out of the box then Shopify, it provides merchants with more advanced functionality in almost all sides of running eCommerce business. There are also more extensions available and being open source, Magento can be customised in virtually any way.

Note that while the features are important, when selecting an eCommerce platform you need to think about number of other factors including development and support&maintenance costs, scaling, flexibility, future growth, integration with other systems. In some cases it may be that Shopify is good enough for your business.

There is also a a compromise available: easy to set-up and maintain SaaS eCommerce platform based on Magento functionality – Zoey Commerce (Magenable is an official partner of Zoey)

Feel free to contact us if you need help in selection of eCommerce platform for your business.


  • I was advised that Shopify Plus now has transaction fees


The references below provides more high-level comparison of Magento and Shopify platforms

  1. Aionhill – 
  2. Matterhorndigital
  3. Paul Rogers
  4. Our own blog post about human resources available



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