Magento vs Shopify: human resources pool comparison

Is it easier to find people with Magento or Shopify skill?

As you see from the chart above in there are much more people who have experience to work with Magento than with Shopify. Exact number is 2,602 versus 341. The data is taken from LinkedIn, that has over 5 million of users in Australia, so quite representative, especially taking into account that people in eCommerce industry tend to be more active users of LinkedIn than say high-school students.

Implications for business

If you are planning eCommerce store, you should take into account how big is the pool of people who can work with this platform. The bigger the pool – the better for you as a business owner:

  • Less time to find and hire people with solid skills;
  • No (or less) time for training;
  • Better bargaining power;
  • Faster project starts

The problem may be not so big if your are running a simple Shopify store and use standard features, but as long as your solution is getting more comprehensive and you need to plan serious customization, Magento is a safer bet from available talent pool point of view (aside of other factors).

This post is based on the research I published on, where you can find more detailed information



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