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Magenable is official Zoey Commerce partner, one of just two at the moment in Australia and only one in Melbourne and Victoria

What is Zoey Commerce?

Zoey Commerce or just Zoey is a SaaS/Cloud eCommerce platform based on Magento eCommerce core. This DNA is one of the reason for Magenable to establish the partnership. Another reason is that we understand that Magento isn’t always the best solution and we feel that Zoey can be used in many cases when Magento is an overkill.

Zoey’s main features

Zoey supports most if not all Magento Community features, including product types (simple, configurable, bundles, grouped, virtual, downloadable), promo rules, coupons support of multiple languages and currencies, etc. On top of that it has number of nice enhancements, including:

  • User-friendly admin interface. It is closer to Magento 2 style, a solid step forward from Magento 1.X interface

Zoey admin interface. Click to the image to enlarge.

  • Powerful design editor. Zoey website admin can tweak design elements quite easily without need to code in HTML/CSS through built-in visual editor in WYSIWYG mode. Re-arranging the elements of the page is as easy as drag and drop. The editor allows quickly see layout in desktop, tablet and mobile renderings. Check the video below to learn more about Zoey design tool
  • Responsive free themes to start. Zoey provides several good looking responsive themes to kick-start your store. Advanced users and developers can start from scratch though
  • Easy migration from Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento Community
  • Advanced analytics, including customer behaviour and conversion funnel
  • Pre-installed apps. Zoey at the moment has around 40 pre-installed apps, may of them free, some paid. Among pre-installed apps are such popular Magento extensions as Maichimp from eBizmart, M2EPro for eBay and Amazon integration, Google Tag Manager. Since the apps are pre-installed you can enable them in one click, much easier process than with Magento Community

    Zoey App store.

  • Gift cards. Zoey supports them out of the box, you don’t need a separate extension like with Magento Community
  • Blog. Same with giftcards, a blog extension is pre-installed
  • API. Zoey supports Magento API that is a necessity for advanced integrations

Zoey pricing

Zoey offers the next plans, with different number of products and staff account limits:

  1. Entry, $299/month
  2. Power, $499/month

The plans also differ in the set of features and services available.  Zoey does not charge any transaction fees.

Note that for these money you’ll get a bit more than set of features. Since you are buying SaaS/Cloud solution, you’ll also get

  • Vendor support (including 24/7 for critical issues)
  • High-availability hosting
  • Platform and apps updates

To find out more about Zoey features, pricing- visit Zoey official website.

You can also there sign-up for Zoey with 14 days trial available.

Zoey for Australian businesses

The platform has been started in US, but Zoey already support functionality essential for Australian online retailers

  • Payment processing through Paypal and eWAY Australia
  • Integration with Australia post and other shipping companies through ShipperHQ
  • Integration with Unleashed inventory management system
  • Integration with Xero accounting system

Zoey or Magento?

Magento eCommerce is a great platform, we work with it for years and with version 2 released it is a great choice for many businesses. Zoey eCommerce has Magento core and therefore has very similar out-of-the box functionality, so there are lot of similarities between platforms.

When we recommend to use Zoey over Magento:

  • Limited budget. Due to simpler process to set-up a store and more operations that can be done by merchant, the initial budget to establish the store with Zoey is lower. It also less expensive in general to maintain Zoey store, because your subscription fee covers hosting and customer support
  • Lack of development expertise and inability to hire external resources. It is related with the point above – Magento store must be supported by professionals. With Zoey need and expected volume of paid external expert support is lower
  • Extremely tight timeline. In some cases it is possible to set-up a Zoey store within the days, which is much harder to do with Magento
  • Simpler and stable requirements. Don’t get us wrong, Zoey is packed with most out-of-the-box features that Magento has and more, so can support rather complex stores, however the number of the extensions available is limited (dozens in Zoey and thousands in Magento). It is also hardly possible to do any complex customisation with Zoey, you need to wait until vendor introduce new features to core or as an extension.

We plan to conduct more detailed comparison of both platforms in the future, so stay tuned – subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

How Magenable can help with Zoey

To learn more about Zoey and get experts help to set-up, configure the platform, integrate it with your other IT systems, migrate your data and get ongoing support and maintenance – contact us.

As official Zoey partner Magenable has all the expertise and knowledge to help your business get the most from Zoey