Magenable partners with Omnyfy

Have you though about building your own marketplace? Yes, something in line with eBay, Amazon or Catch of The Day if we talk about local Australian examples.

Nowadays it is possible to do much faster and with less investments required than it used to be 25 years ago when Jeff Bezos started Amazon.

Thanks for advancement in technologies you can start your marketplace business in months rather than years. 

Australian company Omnyfy has developed its solution on top of Magento 2 (the most advanced open-source platform Magenable specializes). Omnyfy is offered as PaaS (Platform As a Service), so hosting is part of the package, hence reducing the client expenses on support and maintenance.

Omnyfy is a multi-vendor marketplace platform with a powerful suite of features for  B2B or B2C marketplaces for product, services or bookings. It allows to build both product and services, B2B and B2C marketplaces quickly, providing a solid foundation and speed to market.  

Existing clients of Omnyfy include both established enterprises like Australia Post and upstart businesses.

Magenable role in the partnership is assisting the clients to implement solution based on Omnyfy – from configuring and creating unique design to customizing platform functionality, meeting unique business requirements.

Official press release link (PDF file).

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