Magento vs Shopify and BigCommerce in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

Magento confirmed its status in the new Gartner Magic Quadrant report.
Magento Leader in Garter Magic Quadrant 2018

The ‘leaders‘ is the best possible ranking, to get there an eCommerce platform vendor should score high in both vision and execution metrics.

Magento is a single platform among leaders that is open source and can be valid solution for medium or even small business.

Other typical Magento competitor such as Shopify and BigCommerce stuck in Niche Players sector, so according Gartner analysts they are behind Magento in both vision and execution.

Magento strengths

  • Ecosystem. Magento has very wide range of partners/service providers who helps to build Magento-bases online stores and integrate it with complimentary systems. It also has thousands of extensions that helps to cover many business requirements with minimal if any custom development.
  • Completeness of the solution. Magento suite a solutions includes Order Management, Business Intelligence, B2B commerce, social selling and improved CMS expected soon after acquisition of BlueFoot
  • Marketplace Connectivity. Magento Commerce (version 2) has native connector to Amazon and a solid extension that connects it with other marketplaces

What is missed in Shopify and BigCommerce

  • Support of complex business needs: advanced B2B functionality, multi-store, scheduled merchandising
  • Limited global selling support. Both Shopify and BigCommerce heavily concentrated on North America, UK and at some extent Australia. It may be a problem when a merchant sells in other geographies, for example due to limited payment and shipping options available
  • Financial viability – Shopify is officially loosing money at least since become a public company, BigCommerce is privately held, so have no published profit-loss statement


So if your business value flexibility only possible through open-source solutions or has more complex business needs – Magento is an option that should not be missed from considerations.

You can obtain Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2018 reprint via Magento website (have to share your contact details).

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