Why bother with multi-channel eCommerce?

162 million of people made 265 million transactions on eBay worldwide in 2015 with total turn-over of $20.68 billion. In Australia eBay holds 20% market share in eCommerce and turns over $3B annually.

Amazon is even bigger player, turning over $100 billion annually and around 40% of units sold on Amazon are from third party sellers who utilize Amazon marketplace. While Amazon has very limited operations in Australia at the moment, it is a promising channels for retailers who play on the international scene.

As a retailer you can use these platforms to get extra sales and customers. To make a bit simplified analogy it is like placing your store inside a booming shopping mall or on High street versus running a stand-alone store in a quiet suburb. You’ll get a good additional exposure, albeit for some extra cost and having your competitors in couple steps/clicks.

Multi-channel eCommerce with Magento

If you are a retailer who runs a store based on Magento eCommerce we have a good news for you!

Listing your goods on eBay and Amazon is relatively straight-forward task, thanks for the existing tools. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel and build a custom integration, there are existing reliable connectors that can be used to integrate your store with eBay and Amazon. The integration goes beyond just listing. Your stock and order information will be also in sync with Magento, so you’ll not run in the situation of overselling the stock you don’t have and headache of manually merging orders in different systems.

How Magenable can help you

We at Magenable are happy to provide you a hand to make it even easier:

  • Consult you and help to select a solution that meets your business needs
  • Install the required Magento extension and make initial configuration
  • Provide support and maintenance on regular basis
  • Entirely manage your eBay store for you

Contact us to set up first free meeting or phone call and discuss how we can help you to build or improve multi-channel eCommerce business!

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