What eCommerce platforms use top 100 Australian retailers

The chart above is the result of our own research of top 100 Australian retail website (as listed by Power Retail in The 2015 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook).

Top five platforms in the cases when we can determine it are:

  1. Magento – 27%
  2. IBM Websphere Commerce – 9%
  3. Demandware – 6%
  4. Hybris – 6%
  5. Amblique – 3%

Note that in 38% cases we were unable to find out what eCommerce platform is used.

Here is interactive version of the chart:

In the next posts we plan to research such topics as top 100 retailers site speed, mobile friendliness and some other interesting correlations.  So stay tuned – subscribe to our newsletter (the banner is in right hand column), follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

P.S. A next article in the series is published, you are welcome to check “The fastest of the best: how well optimised are the websites of the top Australian online retailers


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