Social Media vs Email as purchase driver

Email versus Social Media – what has more influence on consumers?

Social media, email and search engines are know as the most effective channels that drive eCommerce revenue. But how do they compare to each other?
Recently we have found a solid data source that compares email advertising and social media from consumer prospective. Moreover, the data is segmented by different industries such as groceries, home improvements, cars, apparel and electronics.

Last year US-based Prosper Insights & Analytics™ conducted a study called “Media Behaviors & Influence™” and as a part of this research asked 16,121 US consumers the next question: “For each of the following retail categories, please tell us which of the following media influences your purchases?”

Interactive version of the chart that compare Social Media and email for is presented below

What we see here? Despite all hype, in most cases old good email has more influence on consumer decision than social media. The only exclusion with marginal 1% difference are telecom and medicones. For such categories as apparel, dining out and electronic email advertising has very significant edge over social media.

Here is the static version of the chart if your browser doesn’t support interactive one

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