Topshop launches in Australia on Magento 2

After around several years of brick and mortar presence Topshop has softly launched Australian website. A big official launch is planned this April, but you already may visit Topshop Australia online store.

What we are pretty excited (as a consultancy focusing on Magento) to see is that Topshop online store is based on Magento 2 platform. So one more case of top retailer using Magento 2 is here and this is an encouraging sign.

Few other things we noticed on Topshop Australia website:

  • Quite intelligent search with auto-suggest, auto-complete, search through both product catalogue and content

  • Reasonable load speed (2.79 sec from Melbourne according Pingdom); Google Pagespeed score can be better though
  • Subjective speed of the website work is also decent
  • Stock in store availability functionality, a good feature if you prefer to check the clothes before buying

  • One page checkout with Guest Checkout option, soft registration and floating cart content reference
  • Small glitches on Store Locator page (direction to store functionality doesn’t work)


In overall it’s a decent online store for big international retailer. Probably small glitches that exist now will be fixed before April.

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