Selling on Amazon Australia is now possible through M2EPro Magento extension

As a merchant you may love or hate Amazon.

Or both love and hate.

However it is a fact that US behemoth is significantly changing digital commerce landscape in Australia. In other countries Amazon is often a first destination for product search for roughly 50% of people.  So as a merchant you should at least carefully consider selling through Amazon. Done it smart and strategically can help you to reach more consumers.

However selling on Amazon is not only business, but also a technical challenge: you need to list all your products with all the information, keep the listing up to date and then process the orders you get. It is time consuming task for merchants, especially with extensive product catalog.

Fortunately Magento merchants have a solid solution that makes selling on Amazon much easier – M2E Pro.

M2E Pro Amazon extension natively integrates Amazon into Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms. M2E solution services over 15’000 “Live” Amazon accounts globally 24/7/365 and M2E Pro Amazon re-pricer helps dozens of thousands of listings to win “Buy Box” daily.

M2E Pro team just announced that Australian merchants can use it to sell on Amazon Australia. Magenable is M2E Pro partner and can help you in both business and technical aspects of selling on Amazon Australia:

  • Provide strategic advise on what and how to sell
  • Install and configure M2E Pro extension
  • Consult you on the M2E Pro use
  • Or run your Amazon presence on your behalf as a turn key solution
Get in touch with us if you are interested to explore selling on Amazon Australia from your Magento store!

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