Magento in Forrester Wave B2C and B2B Commerce Q3 2018 reports

One of the most influential research and advisory firms Forrester Research recently published  new study about B2B and B2C commerce suites. Wonder Magento performs against such eCommerce platforms as SAP, Intershop, Insite Software, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle, Unilog, Episerver, Apttus, Sana Commerce, Handshake, commercetools, Digital River, Elastic Path, Kibo Commerce and Sitecore?

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Forrester Wave B2B and B2C commerce research

Forrester Wave B2B and B2C compare leading software solutions with pretty strict set of criteria met just to be included in the study. The platforms selected evaluated using number of metrics grouped into three brackets – current offering strength (how good is the solution right now), vision/strategy (how good it is expected to be in the future) and market presence (how easy to get it).

The platforms are then ranked as Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders or Challengers.

Magento in B2C Forrester Wave report

In B2C comparison Magento was ranked as Strong Performer:

  • It is ahead of as Sitecore, Elastic Path, Digital River and commercetools (Contenders)
  • Magento is ranked behind SAP and Salesforce (Leaders)
  • It is in the same league with IBM, Kibo Commerce, Oracle and Episerver
  • Magento has higher score on the Vision/Strategy axis than on current offering
  • It got the highest possible score (5 out of 5) in Sales Channel Support, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Product Vision and Roadmap and Delivery and extensibility ecosystem
  • The lowest score was for AI and Machine Learning, Personalisation and Commerce management

Magento in B2B Forrester Wave report

Again, Magento landed Strong Performer rank:

  • Ahead of Episerver, Apptus, Sana Commerce and Handshake
  • Behind Intershop, SAP and Insite
  • Level with Oracle, Unilog, IBM and Salesforce
  • Again Magento has better store in vision/strategy and market presence than in current offering
  • Magento ranks the highest for BI and Analytics, Product Vision, Ecosystem and market presence (GVM of customers and revenue)
  • Areas with the lowest score are AI, Commerce management and Platform

All together Magento did pretty well, there is only one platform that outperformed Magento in both B2B and B2C reports – SAP.  So it is a decent choice for a business that needs both B2B and B2C platform.

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