Magenable partners with Recolize

Magenable partners with Recolize to provide a novel Recommendation Engine for Australian online stores

Magenable and Recolize cooperate in helping businesses to increase average order value, conversion and customer lifetime value in their online stores through intelligent product recommendations with focus on merchants running their stores on the Magento eCommerce platform.

The use of a recommender system helps customers to navigate through online stores and find the products they may be interested to purchase. It complements traditional navigation and site search, adding smart advices that are hardly possible to get through other means. It is especially useful for online stores with more or less extensive catalogue, where products that a customer may purchase can be easily missed. You can find out more about recommender systems in general in this post.

Recolize is a Germany-based company that provides a novel cloud (Software as a Service)  recommendation engine, which is smart, easy to integrate with Magento eCommerce and affordable for small and medium businesses.

Types of recommendations that Recolize can generate:

  • User-to-user (Customers who bought this also bought)
  • Item-to-item (Similar items)
  • Top items (Best sellers)
  • Last viewed items
  • Manual item lists

Recommendation widgets are unlimited and can be configured url-based for e.g. special landing pages. Also recommendations can be displayed on all domains connected with the shop like CMS pages or a blog.

The recommendations from Recolize can be tweaked using flexible filtering system to meet specific business needs. Store owners also have access to valuable analytics and reports.

Recolize offers generous free tier to test the engine (1,000 free clicks to recommendation per month) and affordable pricing afterwards (0.039 euro or around $0.055 AUD per click).

Online stores that use Recolize report up to 4x Conversion rate through recommendations, 5% revenue uplift and great return on investments.

To find out more about Recolize visit their official website.

Magenable helps Australian merchants to install the Recolize Recommendation Engine to their Magento store, configure it and provide further ongoing advice on use and improvements.

Interested to increase average order size and conversion? Contact Us to discuss the installation of the Recolize Recommendation Engine to your online store.

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