Social proof as a way to increase your landing page conversion

Sad true is that before you deliver good product or service new customers don’t really trust your businesses. Unless your business has very solid brand equity you are a total stranger and it’s quite understandable that they have number of doubts.

Image credits – Adrian Ruiz (CC)

How can you convince prospects that your business will deliver on the promises, they can trust you and should buy from you?

According Angie Schottmuller from Three Deep Marketing and Ryan Engley from Unbounce the good way is to use social proof, which works 12 times better than just manufacturer’s product description.

They developed a social proof scorecard called CRAVENS, which stands for:

  • Credible
  • Relevant
  • Attractive
  • Visual
  • Enumerated
  • Nearby
  • Specific

So if you want to know how to implement social proof right to reduce your prospect customers’ anxiety, check the presentation below, well worth reading:

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