eCommerce Email marketing benchmark 2016

Recent ecommerce conversion rate benchmark publication sparked a solid interest from our audience, so when we came across a report from SendGrid about email marketing benchmark, we couldn’t pass it.

The data in this report came from pretty solid sample of  30 billion emails from about 100,000 different senders to over 1.5 billion different recipients across the whole world. It covers different industries, but we extracted information about eCommerce and Australia as the most relevant to our business.

eCommerce email marketing benchmark

  • Recipient demography: male – 39%, female – 61%
  • Mobile devices use: 59% – mobile, 41% – non-mobile
  • Open Rate: 12.3% (non-unique)
  • Click Rate: 4.3% (non-unique)
  • Click-to-Open Rate: 13.9% (based on unique opens and clicks)
  • Monthly Send Rate: 18.3

A chart below shows how eCommerce email marketing performance looks comparing with averages for all industries

Australian consumers inbox providers and devices

Finally, let’s check what inbox providers and devices are used by Australians

Inbox providers (in order of popularity)

  1. Gmail
  2. Hotmail
  3. BigPond
  4. Yahoo
  5. Live

Devices (in order of popularity)

  1. Windows
  2. iPhone
  3. Samsung
  4. iPad
  5. Macbook

So now you can check how does your email marketing work comparing with benchmark data and be proud of your work, think about improvements or both. General recommendation to improve your rates include:

  • Segmentation and personalisation – don’t sent the same email to all customers, at least not always
  • Check how your email displays with the most popular Inbox providers
  • Make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly, as you see 6 out of 10 people view your emails on mobile devices
  • Consider lowering your average monthly send rate, maybe your customers get your email too often
  • If you don’t know your audience yet take into account that it is probably mainly female
  • Automation – consider having automated, event triggered emails as a compliment to mass blasts
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SendGrid Global Email Benchmark Report

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