Consumers browse from mobile but purchase from desktop

According to recent white paper from Marine Software that analysed performance of advertising with over $6B of annualised budget,  mobile device use for browsing Internet continues to grow rapidly. Consumers spend 1/3 of time online using smartphones and tablet. What is interesting however that people still prefer to use desktop for online purchases: the conversion rates there are 30% (for display advertising) to almost 4 times (for social) higher than on smartphones.

The inforgaphic below shows share in impressions, clicks and conversion rate for different devices and platforms.

Click to the image to view full size

Several other interesting figures from the research:

  • Desktops are loosing click share mostly to smartphones, share of tablets remains more stable
  • Advertisers spent almost 50% of their budget on mobile devices
  • One of the biggest challenge is to correctly attribute mobile advertising that leads to conversion for multi-device user journey
  • Advertisers invest more than previously in mobile search ads while reduced a bit budget for mobile display advertising
  • While over 50% of all social impressions happens on mobile, 65% of conversions are coming from desktop

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