What is Magento 2 and why it’s cool (technical overview)

Magento 2 is around the corner

Actually Magento already released Magento 2 as Merchant Beta it makes sense to get understanding what the best is Magento 2 is.

The presentation below from Alan Kent, who is Magento Chief Architect provides good overview of Magento 2 from technical point of view – technologies used, approach to development, testing and QA.

While making or migrating store with Magento 2 isn’t going to be mainstream in the nearest months, we think it is good to get understanding about the future of Magento as leading eCommerce platform.
For more information about Magento 2 we suggest to visit official Magento 2 Development Hub, it is a good source of updates, demos and documentation. Magento team works with it quite actively, there are tons of useful information there.

Magento 2 demo store

To see Magento 2 in action you can check our own Magento 2 demo store from Nexcess

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