Site search solutions for Magento eCommerce – research plan

Executive summary

The goal of this research is to review options that online retailers who use Magento eCommerce platform have for organisation of internal site search.

Site search is important component of online stores, especially those that carry significant number of SKUs. According some studies properly done site search can be very important driver of increased conversion and revenue for online merchants.

In this research we plan to review 10 most popular site search options that online retailers can comparatively easy implement in stores based on Magento eCommerce platform. We’ll review here both cloud based solutions that integrates with Magento and self-hosted extensions that may be deployed to the same infrastructure with the store itself.

Site Search solutions included in research

We plan to review next solutions for site search:

  1. Magento CE out of the box search

  2. Magento EE out of the box Solr search

  3. Mirasvit: Sphinx Search Ultimate

  4. Blast Search Lucene

  5. Solr Bridge

  6. Celebros Search

  7. SLI Learning Search

We plan to expand this list and add up to 3 solutions here. Criterias to include - Magento Extension that makes it easy to install, popularity at Magento Connect


We'll test each search solution hosted on demo server provided by supplier and compare the next functional and non-functional criteria.


  1. General search quality

    1. Search relevance and ranking

    2. Understanding of typos and mixed word order

    3. Understanding of jargon and synonyms

    4. Understanding of abbreviation

    5. Correct work with special characters like used for inches

  2. Auto-complete

  3. Auto-suggest

  4. Pre-fill of search query on search result page

  5. Faceted search

Non-functional criteria/information

  1. Price (initial and regular if relevant)

  2. Deployment type (self-hosted or SaaS)

  3. Ease of installation

  4. Magento extension popularity

  5. Magento Connect user review score

  6. Last release of Magento extension

  7. Company or individual behind the solution

  8. Store that uses this solution


Based on result of the research we plan to provide recommendations of what extension we suggest to use. These recommendations will be split to several facets:

  • Best inexpensive solution for SMB merchants/Value for money

  • Best self-hosted solution

  • Best SaaS solution

  • Best functionality

Research results publication and distribution

Research summary will be published at Magenable blog; full research will be available for download free of charge at the same place.

Press-release with research results will be distributed through specialised online services.

Research results will also be announced through social media channels.

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If you are interested to discuss cooperation in this research, have ideas about how to do it better - contact me, Alex Levashov.  

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