Migration from Magento 1 decision map

With Magento 1 subset (end of life) officially scheduled June 2020, many merchants think about where they should to migrate.

So we have developed a decision map that helps you in selection.

It is pretty self-explanatory, but few notes:

  1. The initial assumption is that you in general like Magento 1 and prefer to stay in Magento ecosystem if possible
  2. (Updated 30 Oct 2019) If the business is small-to-medium and prefer SaaS over self-hosted platform, we suggest to use BigCommerce
  3. For B2B businesses good option can be Zoey (a SaaS platform built on Magento 1 core)
  4. Magento Commerce used to be called Magento Enterprise Edition, it is a paid version of Magento
  5. Magento Open Source used to be called Magento Community Edition, it is a free version
Contact us for expert help with migration from Magento 1! We are expert in Magento (1&2), Zoey and BigCommerce. Initial consultation is free.

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