Migrating high volume online store to Magento eCommerce, video from Magento Live 2014

Migrating high volume online store to Magento eCommerce, how to do it, what are pitfalls and risks

Migration of an online store with thousands of SKUs and million of unique visitors per month is significant challenge. In the video below guys from Acid Greens and Anchor share their experience of moving popular Australian retailer Princess Polly to Magento Enterprise. This is video from Magento Live 2014 conference (Sydney, Australia)

Quick summary of the video:

  1. Magento is a good choice for high loaded online store with hips of out-of-the-box functionality that can and should be used. More about why we at Magenable think that Magento is great platform is here
  2. Keep it simpler in the beginning, establish a baseline and them improve your website gradually. Trying to do too much (very significant redesign together with migration) is riskier.
  3. Use FPC (full page cache), Varnish for content that can be static
  4. Isolate dynamic content, that requires personalisation (wishlist, shopping cart, account, checkout pages) and keep it outside the varnish
  5. Optimise the code to reduce number of server calls (again to make possible caching better)
  6. Engage hosting provider from the early stages
  7. Engage your customer

For the details, watch the video.


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