Magento rolls out Magento Cloud

When I visited Magento website today in order to prepare for Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist exam I was surprised to see pretty significant change in the product offering: there is no reference to Magento Enterprise any more, however instead we may see a whole section called Magento Cloud.

Magento products - cloud and open source

If you go deeper and check Magento Cloud/Commerce you see this page, where you find that Magento Inc. now offers only cloud plans as on the screenshots below:

Magento Cloud Commerce prices

As you may notice both of them come with “Cloud hosting & deployment”. There is no reference to any other options.

Visiting Open Source link we may find that it is a product used to be known as Magento Community, which is a kind of re-branding.

Magento Open Source

So the big question, has Magento decided to ditch on-premises edition of their Enterprise software and only provide cloud solution? It will be a huge shift for the platform known to be open-source in core. Previously Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, a PaaS version of Magento Enterprise was just an option, if preferred merchants could self-host it in their own environment.

At the moment of writing this post (evening of August 7th 2017, Melbourne/Australia time) it isn’t clear. I couldn’t find any official announcements.

To get some clarifications, I’ve started a topic in Reddit with this question and post in Twitter.

Hopefully Magento Inc. will shed more light on their product line changes, so stay tuned.

Update: seems that on-premises Magento Enterprise Edition will be available according to Twitter post from Ben Marks

  • The real and objective question behind Magento launching a PaaS solution would be: Does it make sense to be a Partner anymore? and What would be left for the eCommerce Agencies if Magento Inc does it all? as you can see is shooting on the foot the Certified Hosting Companies, the Magento Certified Partners and defining a price that is not specifying what is included, in my opinion is not a very smart move considering the whole amount of people behind Magento and their investment in their business from Gold Partners to Consultants.

    • Hi Juan.

      Magento has PaaS solution for a while and I think that it definitely makes their hosting partners not happy, cause they are losing business. The recent re-branding of EE to Cloud is a development of this trend.
      IMO the next piece of Magento ecosystem at risk are extension developers. They are already bearing higher costs with Marketplace introduction due to stricter quality requirements and 30% commission. In addition if nothing changes Magento will continue to lose market share among small businesses – hence less market for extensions.

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