Magento rolls out Magento Cloud

When I visited Magento website today in order to prepare for Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist exam I was surprised to see pretty significant change in the product offering: there is no reference to Magento Enterprise any more, however instead we may see a whole section called Magento Cloud.

If you go deeper and check Magento Cloud/Commerce you see this page, where you find that Magento Inc. now offers only cloud plans as on the screenshots below:

As you may notice both of them come with “Cloud hosting & deployment”. There is no reference to any other options.

Visiting Open Source link we may find that it is a product used to be known as Magento Community, which is a kind of re-branding.

So the big question, has Magento decided to ditch on-premises edition of their Enterprise software and only provide cloud solution? It will be a huge shift for the platform known to be open-source in core. Previously Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, a PaaS version of Magento Enterprise was just an option, if preferred merchants could self-host it in their own environment.

At the moment of writing this post (evening of August 7th 2017, Melbourne/Australia time) it isn’t clear. I couldn’t find any official announcements.

To get some clarifications, I’ve started a topic in Reddit with this question and post in Twitter.

Hopefully Magento Inc. will shed more light on their product line changes, so stay tuned.

Update: seems that on-premises Magento Enterprise Edition will be available according to Twitter post from Ben Marks

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