Magento is a Leader in Forrester Wave 2017 as B2B Platform

Well, it happens finally. Magento moves to the top sector of B2B eCommerce platforms according the latest Forrester Wave report. This research specifically focuses on the platform for mid-market businesses.

In the previous version we’ve seen (Q1 2017) Magento was one step behind, among the Strong Performers. So now it is one of 3 leading B2B digital commerce platforms (other 2 are NetSuite and Insite Software).

It’s a big success and a critical component there is a set of B2B features that Magento added in version 2.2

Let’s see in the details where Magento has improved the most according Forrester analysts:

  • Current offering. This metrics measures such things as Solution Architecture, CX, Commerce Suite capabilities. Magento got there +0.59 points (from 3.16 to 3.75. the max possible is 5). The best overall solution there at the moment is SAP Hybris with 4.08 points
  • Strategy. Here the gain was not that big (from 3.85 to 3.9), which isn’t surprising. The changes done in version 2.2 were promised a while ago, the question was about delivering them. Here again Magento came 2nd, after SAP Hybris (4.0)
  • The biggest jump Magento got in market presence metric, which evaluate company size, revenue and customer base. Magento has now the highest possible 5, big improvement from 3 just half an year ago.
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The biggest benefits of Magento according Forrester were:

  • Most important B2B features packaged together in Magento 2.2
  • Flexibility (Open Source)
  • Extensive ecosystem
  • Low customisation cost

If you are interested to read the full report, it is available (after registration) on Magento website

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