Magento enterprise pricing

Magento Enterpice pricing, licence cost 2009-2015

Magento Enterprise price: 2009-2015

In my personal blog several months ago I wrote a post about does it make sense to buy Magento Enterprise or you’ll be better of with Magento Community. As often a short answer “It depends”, you are welcome to check the article to know our opinion on this subject.

But this post is about a bit different topic – how much exactly Magento Enterprise costs and how this price changed since 2009 when Magento introduced Enterprise Edition.

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Here is a chart for single production server and single dev server Magento Enterprise licence cost with Golden support level (data collected from publicly available sources, if you have different information or clarification – feel free to comment).

Same data in table form

Year Price, USD Increase, $ Increase, %
2009 $8,000
2010 $12,990 $4,990 62.38%
2011 $12,990 $0 0.00%
2012 $14,420 $1,430 11.01%
2013 $15,550 $1,130 7.84%
2014 $17,900 $2,350 15.11%
2015 $17,900 $0 0.00%

As we see the price has increased more than 2 times in 5 years (from 2009 to 2014). The most sharp increase in price was in 2010. It is important to note that in spite of the price increase Magento Enterprise is still probably the most affordable enterprise level eCommerce platform on the market and represent pretty good value for money.

It will be interesting to see will eBay/Magento be able to keep increasing Magento Enterprise pricing or competition forces prevent the company from doing it. Stay tuned.

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