Magento 2. Selected takeaways from Magento Live Australia 2015

Two weeks ago I has a chance to participate in Magento Live Australia 2015 in Sydney. Accidentally (or not) the first day of the conference was a day when Magento finally released 2nd version of its platform – Magento 2

In this post I’ll collect most interesting references to Magento Live Australia 2015 materials related with Magento 2

    1. Magento 2 video introduction by Magento CEO Mark Lavelle

    2. Paul Boisvert, VP of Product Management, Magento – Highlights of Magento 2.

    3. Magento 2 Technical Deep Dive

      The next piece of information is much more technical – it is presentation from Magento Chief Architect Alan Kent and Head of Magento 2 Development Max Yekaterynenko. Actually there are 2 presentations packed in one file. Alan’s part is mainly talking about Magento 2 API, while Max is talking about testing and QA. Link to presentation (PDF file).


That is the information that organisers were published after the conference. There were couple other sessions that I’ve found interesting:

What to Expect from Magento 2.0: Merchant & System Integrators Perspectives

At this session several merchants and their development partners shared first hand experience of building first Magento 2 online stores. There are two Australian companies that participated in Magento 2 Beta program: Venroy and Popcultcha

It was an interesting session, my main takeaway from it is that Magento 2 guides better development practice: higher quality of the code, more test-driven approach. Switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2 requires significant efforts for developers however, the platform is very different, so probably being among early adopter may be a bit risky in terms of delivery time and budget.

Magento 2.0 Store Management.

This was a workshop delivered by Steve Kukla from Magento University.

One of Magento 2 key benefits over Magento 1 is much more modern and user-friendly UX. I have already played a bit with Magento 2 in our demo store when did Magento 2 site search research, but nevertheless it was useful session that proved that UX in the new version of Magento is significantly improved, so the platform will be easier to master for merchants.


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