Magento 2 Enterprise vs Community ultimate comparison

When I prepared to Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist exam, significant part of the questions were related with the differences between version 2.X Magento Enterprise (now being rebranded as “Magento Cloud“) and Magento Community (rebranded as “Magento Open Source“).

While there are articles and blog posts around comparing Magento 2 editions, I have found that most of them do not include all the differences and sometimes even provide incorrect information. A bit surprising that Magento Inc. itself hasn’t bothered to make a comparison list to stress the extra value that Enterprise/Cloud provides over Community/Open Source. So I spent fair bit of time and prepared full list of Magento Enterprise Edition only features. The goal was to produce full, but concise document, kind of a cheat sheet and the result is below.

Magento 2 Enterprise only features
# Feature Category Comment Reference
1 Database Split Performance & Scalability 3 separate master databases for product, order management, and checkout, not supported in MECE
2 RabbitMQ messaging system (Message Queues) Performance & Scalability Use of open-source RabbitMQ messaging system
3 Support utilities Operations Set of utilities to make EE support easier
4 Advanced Search (Solr or Elastic Search) Shopper UX Advanced site search – Solr (2.0) or Elastic (2.1)
5 Store Credits Marketing Credits on account of customers
6 Gift Cards Marketing Support of Gift Cards
7 Gift Message Shopper UX Support of Gift Message
8 Private Sales and Events Marketing
9 Rewards & Loyalty Marketing Loyalty program
10 Visual Merchandiser Site management Advanced products sorting
11 Advanced CMS Site management Content hierarchy, staging, campaigns
12 Customer segments Marketing Can be used to deliver content, promotions, prices
13 Automated product relationship rules Site management Cross-sells, Up-sells, Related
14 Custom customer attributes Marketing Ability to create custom customer attributes
15 Extended Administrator Roles and Privileges Site management Like restrict admin user per website
16 Advanced B2B functionality B2B From version 2.2
17 Returned Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Operations
18 Google Tag manager Support Marketing Support of GTM
19 Vendor support Operations Official 24/7 support from Magento Inc.
20 Product Category Permissions – by Customer Group/Website Marketing Show product categories by customer group and website
21 Order by SKU Shopper UX Allows customers to add products by SKU (good for B2B)
22 Multiple wishlists Shopper UX
23 Rule-based Email Reminders Marketing Can be used for adandoned shopping cart recovery
24 Archives Performance & Scalability Possibility to achive orders, invoices, shipment, credit memos to improve performance
25 Cybersource, eWAY, Worldpay support Payment Out of the box support of these payment methods
26 Bluefoot (2.2) Site management Advanced CMS editor
27 Banners Marketing Built in banner management system
28 Gift Registries Shopper UX Ability to create and share list of gifts for special occasion

For most lines I have added a category and a reference to Magento 2 official documentation where you can go to check for more details.

This table is also available on Google Docs.

While I did my best to list all the features, if you know any Magento Enterprise Edition feature missed – your comment to this post will be much appreciated.


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