Magento 1 sunset day is officially announced. Time to consider migration

It is official now. Magento 1 (both Community/Open Source and Enterprise/Commerce) stops to be officially supported after June 2020. So EOL (End Of Life) of one of the most popular eCommerce platform is known now. No more speculations and gossips.

From Adobe/Magento website

Seems that this decision was facilitated by recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe.  As it is written on the official announcement page:

While we remain committed to older versions of Magento, shoppers continue to push for the newest and most compelling online experiences. That’s why now is a great time to graduate to Magento Commerce 2.

It is probably not the most pleasant news for Magento 1 merchants – changing eCommerce platform is not easy.  To be fair to Adobe and Magento, the term of announcement is quite generous. Magento promised that it will be at least 18 month from announcement to EOL. We have around 22 months from today to June 2020 now.

What’s next?

So it’s time to consider your migration options and plan what will you do after Magento EOL. We have written several blog posts on the topic in past. With the time passed since the that posts were written there is more sense to migrate – Magento 2.X became more mature – less problems, more extensions and supporting ecosystem in general.

If you need expert help in Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration – we are always happy to discuss how to help you.

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