Free Magento 2 purchase from partner extension

Magenable releases a free extension for Magento 2/Adobe Commerce. The extension comes handy if you want to replace a standard add to cart link for some of your product to an external link.

Possible extension scenario of use include

  • Brands that for some reasons don’t sell online, but display product catalogue
  • Brand with retail partners sometimes have exclusive deal for certain products only
  • A store with affiliate product (like on Amazon)
  • Out of stock/deprecated products in your store that can be found on other friendly stores

The extension features:

  • The link are defined on product level
  • Button titles can be defined globally and on product level
  • Each product can have multiple or one external link
  • Click to links may be tracked using Google Analytics events tracking

How can I get it?

The extension is open source, you may get it free of charge from our Github repository. That is the way we are giving back to Magento community. Of cause you are more than welcome to contribute to the extension development and make it better.

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