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Taking into account growing number of customers and prospects accessing their website from mobile devices, Dahlsens commissioned Magenable to create new, responsive version of their company website. The project started from the revision of Dahlsens business requirements, reviewing the value that the website can add to both business and customers. This was followed by an information architecture update.
Based on updated brand guidelines, Magenable created a new website look & feel with variations for different screen resolutions, so the new website viewed perfectly on a variety of devices including mobile, desktop and tablet. Creative design was coded to a responsive theme and number of additional functions to improve user experience.
Melbourne Magento and BigCommerce experts
These included:

Better site search (default Magento site search was replaced with a more advanced solution)
Clear calls to action mechanics were installed
Request call back form was added
Click to call functionality was created for head office and store phones

The Dahlsens team revised and updated the content and finally new responsive, mobile-friendly website was deployed to live server.
How our client benefited from the redesign After launch, the data on the site demonstrated great improvements in both engagement (20-25%) and conversion (2x to 12x increase) metrics, especially for mobile devices users. The results showed more sales leads and brick&mortar store visitors and an increase in revenue for the Dahlsens business. The website is available at http://www.dahlsens.com.au/

What our clients are saying about us

Melbourne Magento and BigCommerce experts
Fabrice Boucherat
Marketing and Merchandise Manager,
Dahlsens Building Centres
We have worked with several web development agencies in the past. Every time we felt that we were low priority for them and there was no proactive input into our projects. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by Magenable’s approach. We get prompt service. Projects go smoothly.
Most importantly, as experts in the web space, they advise us on the latest tech trends and are not afraid to challenge our thinking. They’ve also been great at keeping us close to our web analytics and what it means for our digital strategy. I look forward to having many more years of mutually beneficial collaboration with Magenable.
Melbourne Magento and BigCommerce experts
Clare Picot
Bondi Sands
We couldn’t be happier with Magenable’s level of service. Alex always feels like an extension of the Bondi Sands team and is always available to help support our business objectives – both from a strategy and execution perspective. No project is ever too big or too small!
Highly recommend Magenable to any business looking for Magento specialists to help scale their eCommerce business.
Kovi Gordon
Queen of Tickets
My company recently employed services of Magenable to conduct a full website audit on our site. We could not have made a better investment. Alex first worked with us over a few days to get a thorough understanding of our business and our landscape, which is very often overlooked. The report we received at the end was very comprehensive and really data driven.
Important that the findings were not trivial improvements but were all based on increasing sales or improving security. I strongly recommend this to any business that relies on their website for sales and feel that they are not doing everything to their best of their ability. Alex and his team will surely find many improvements that will pay dividends over and over again once implemented.
Stu McIntosh
Founder and CEO,
Alex and his team has been by far the best dev team we have worked with. They are quick, courteous and fully transparent. I couldn't recommend their services any higher.
Thanks for your amazing service!

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