Getting timely and professional help is extremely important if you are serious about running ecommerce business. By definition online store should be up and running 24 hours and 7 days per week. Even short downtime or lost of critical functionality (like broken checkout page or payment gateway) might cost you significant money. If your online store isn’t available it means not only lost revenue, but also may cause bad publicity, disappointment of loyal customers and possible penalties from search engines that may negatively affect your ranking.

Is it real to get Magento Support Melbourne Cup day, when all watch racing?

Magenable offers flexible Magento support options, so you make sure that if something wrong happen with your website, you will get professional help shortly, even Saturday night, at Australian Open final or Melbourne Cup day.

Our support team works from different geographical locations in in multiple shifts to provide 24/7 availability with very short response time (30 minutes  incident reported issue in 24/7 support package).

We have solid experience to work with both cloud based infrastructure (like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean) and more traditional dedicated servers or shared hosting.

24/7 support and maintenance packages prices start from $1,995 (plus GST) per month.

How 24×7 support is organised

  • Web based issue management system (Redmine) to keep track on all incidents and task and report time spent
  • Issues can be reported via designated email, web interface or by phone as a reserve channel in case of emergency
  • Technical tools we use include GitHub for version control, Jenkins for continuous integration, Pingdom for monitoring

Emergency and regular Magento support and maintenance

In addition to emergency 24×7 support we can provide regular maintenance service that helps your business to keep Magento store healthy and in line with business requirements. Under regular support and maintenance we can do such works as:

  • Security patches installation and updates
  • Keeping track on website speed of work and performance
  • Any small changes required by business like installing new extensions, creation of landing page and other tweaks in website functionality

Regular support and maintenance package price starts from $480/month plus GST.

To find out more and discuss the package that best suit your needs – contact us.