Why downgrade Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise is a great platform and as we discussed on our blog it often makes perfect sense to use. There are however number of cases when you may benefit from downgrading Magento Enterprise to Magento Community. Two most common cases we see nowadays are:

  • Change of business directions. Your business situation is changed and you don’t need Magento Enterprise improved performance, additional functionality and extra layer of support that Magento Inc. provides with Enterprise edition. Few Magento EE features you really using can be comparatively easily replaced by existing extensions and your business just can save substantial budget on Magento Enterprise licence fee without serious issues for the business. That was a case for Dahlsens Building Centres that Magenable successfully downgraded from Magento Enterprise 1.X to Magento Community 1.X
  • Magento 1.X end of life. If you are Magento Enterprise merchant and your website runs on 1.X version of the platform, downgrade to Magento 1.X can be a necessity. With officially announced Magento 1.X end of life in Nov 2018, downgrading to Magento Community is one of the viable options for you, at least in mid-term prospective: you don’t need to worry what will be the implication of running Magento Enterprise when Magento Inc. stops to support it. It is a murky area yet, no official announcement what transition options will be offered aside of moving to Magento 2.X. If you are not quite ready to jump into M2 bandwagon yet, stay on Magento Community will provide you an additional time to run your business and make the more complex migration later.

What is involved in the downgrade to Magento Community

Downgrading from Magento Enterprise to Magento Community is comparatively straight forward projects, simpler than migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or alternative platform. As a rule the data and the design/look&feel can be migrated without major issues. The process involves the next high level steps:

  • Analysing your current Magento Enterprise set-up and checking what Enterprise only functionality is used by your website and will be required on new one
  • Finding extensions that can replace Magento Enterprise functionality. For example more advanced Magento EE CMS can be replaced by Bubble Shop CMS extension
  • Analysing your website existing and planned load (number of visitors, transactions) to decide on need in caching and other performance improvement extensions
  • Building a copy of your Magento Enterprise website on Magento Community in staging environment – migration of existing data and functionality
  • Testing and remedial development
  • Delta data sync and switch from old Magento Enterprise to new Magento Community website

Magento downgrade time and cost

Exact time and cost of downgrade depends on specific website, but as a ballpark it is typically at least 2-3x cheaper and faster than new build or migration to a completely different platform.


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