Work philosophy

In our work we strive to follow next five principles:

  • Focus on business needs – we understand that ecommerce is about making money;
  • Integrity and honest dialogue as a key to establish trust;
  • Willingness to listen – we don’t pretend that know your business better than you;
  • Superb client service as a way to establish and keep long-term business relations, no lock-in clients to exclusive systems only we can support;
  • Willingness to learn and openness to new business models and technologies;


Magenable Process

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The diagram above shows the full process and we prefer to work with the client from the start to finish. However, we understand that every individual business is unique and can work only under part of the components (e.g. don’t provide support and pass the developed website to in-house or 3rd party team).

Project management

Depends of the business requirements and preferences we can work both waterfall and agile way. For bigger organizations it is important to note that our Business Director is certified PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Consulting frameworks

In consulting services we use SOSTAC ® framework as a foundation. We believe it is easy to understand while solid system that suit the needs of ecommerce initiatives planning.

SOSTAC framework

SOSTAC® is a Registered Trademark of PR Smith, click the image to enlarge