Our difference

We distant ourselves from a typical digital agency that is often considered as either creative or technology driven. We prefer term “consultancy” and prioritise the business goals and needs. So the most important differentiation points are listed below.

Clients business objectives and interests are paramount

We understand business, not only digital and distant ourself from typical digital agencies that often either too geeky and push clients to play with new technologies without real justification or pay disproportional attention to do “cool”/”stunning” stuff rather than deeply think how to improve clients business.

Why trust us your business, click the image to enlarge

Razor-sharp focus on Magento

We deliberately decided to focus on Magento eCommerce as a platform because think that it is the best product available for mid-size and enterprise clients as well as ambitious start-ups. Concentration on one platform allows us to keep very high level of expertise (confirmed by all available Magento certifications), which is hardly possible if you are doing a little bit of everything. The image on the right illustrates how Magenable is positioned on the market in two dimensions: better expertise in business or digital and providing broad or specialised services

Magenable market positioning, click to the image to enlarge

Great value for money

Use of blended delivery model and utilizing of very lean management structure allow us to provide excellent value for money for the client without sacrifices on the quality. We estimate that you may save over 40% of or get nearly double value for the same budget with us!

Blended delivery model

Blended delivery model (Melbourne based business and technical consulting, project and account management combined with overseas development) allows us to achieve substantial savings on project implementation and support and utilise the best, certified software engineers. We work with the most experienced vendors from Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus and Russia), the region where Magento itself has development centres.

On the other hand we understand importance of live collaboration with the client and existence of the situations when it is mandatory to have specialists on site, so have both business and technical experts available here in Melbourne to work with you.

Lean management structure

Typical digital agency way of work

Magenable directors worked in Melbourne digital agencies for a long time and know very well how this business works. Typical composition of client  facing management team of mid-size/big agency is:

  • Sales/Business Development Manager (BDM)
  • Account Manager (AM)
  • Project Manager (PM) or/and Producer

You start to work with BDM, then you are handed to AM and from project to project you may work with different PMs. On top of that there are heads of departments – Commercial Director, Client-service Director and Executive Producer and finally upper management that adds another level of overhead. While there is a certain rationale in this structure it leads to some problems as well, the worst are:

  • Lost in translation“,when information disappears somewhere on the way between you, the client and AM, PM and BDM
  • It’s expensive – the cost of such structure is often over 40% in the project overall time/budget

Magenable way of work

We don’t have a separate BDM, Accound and Project Managers, all these duties are performed by one of our directors, who is a single major point of communication and responsible for the project proposal and delivery.

Naturally, there is no people above Directors , we are boutique consultancy and can afford ourself to have such lean management structure.

Boutique approach

Working with boutique consultancy provides you an additional advantage – you can be assured that your account and projects in Magenable will be personally managed by one of our directors – a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in business, not a fresh university (or TAFE) graduate, who is just getting her/his head around digital business.