Don’t let Coronavirus bring your business to a halt. You can adapt, survive and thrive in the face of adversity by taking your business online

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, Magenable has joined forces with BigCommerce to help minimise the disruption to your business.

We’re committed to providing a streamline, hassle-free and efficient online transition for every budget.

Alexander Levashov

Founder and Director

Get your business online today

As we face the unprecedented effects of Coronavirus, people across the world are adjusting to life behind closed doors. Lock-down regulations, social distancing measures and remote working policies are dramatically changing the landscape. Many businesses owners are experiencing mandatory closures, thousands of employees face unemployment, and the economy is suffering as a result.

But with much of the global population in self-quarantine, consumers are naturally spending more time online, especially choosing to shop online versus leaving the house. This behavioural shift presents a unique opportunity for businesses to expand their audience reach, increase brand exposure, generate sales and continue business productivity throughout this extremely challenging period.

Minimising the disruption to your business is our main priority, which is why we have partnered with BigCommerce to provide a streamlined, hassle-free and efficient online transition. Ranging from complimentary to comprehensive, our specially designed eCommerce packages will enable you to adapt, survive and thrive in the face of COVID-19.


The starting package

​free of charge



  • 1-hour phone consultation
  • BigCommerce store registration

Customised Store Design & content migration



  • Phone consultation, project planning and scoping
  • Configure store details, shipping and payment method
  • Deployment to custom domain
  • SSL set up
  • Basic search engine optimisation and tracking configuration, Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Training (online)
  • Stock theme customisation (maximum 8 hours)
  • 2-hour phone or online consultation after launch
  • Content migration (maximum 8 hours)
  • Existing application installation (maximum 4 hours)

Better design, more integrations and support



  • Phone consultation and project planning and scoping
  • Configure store details, shipping and payment method
  • Deployment to custom domain
  •  SSL set up
  • Basic search engine optimisation and tracking configuration, Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Online platform training
  • Stock theme customisation (maximum 16 hours)
  • 4 hrs of post-launch consultations (phone, online email) 
  • Content migration (16 hrs limit)
  • Existing application integrations (maximum 8 hours)


  • All prices are GST exclusive
  • Additional costs include:
    • BigCommerce platform (complimentary for the first 3 months)
    • Some applications and integration services may incur further costs
    • Logo and graphic design
    • Product Photos
  • Extra hours can be arranged for any time-capped services for an additional fee


BigCommerce is a leading SaaS platform, within a proven track record across more than 120 countries and a combined sales history in excess of $25 billion. As the Coronavirus pandemic has exponentially increased the demand for online business, BigCommerce is offering a 3-month free trial for all new merchants. There is a range of plans on offer after the completion of this complimentary period, and prices start from just $29US/month.

Click here for more information about BigCommerce and a comprehensive comparison against other platforms.

Based in City of Melbourne? Get grant!

City of Melbourne provides businesses based there a grant up to $5,000 that can be used to establish online store. More information at City Of Melbourne website

Why our clients value working with Magenable?

Fabrice Boucherat


We have worked with several web development agencies in the past. Every time we felt that we were low priority for them and there was no proactive input into our projects. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by Magenable’s approach. We get prompt service. Projects go smoothly. Most importantly, as experts in the web space, they advise us on the latest tech trends and are not afraid to challenge our thinking. They’ve also been great at keeping us close to our web analytics and what it means for our digital strategy. I look forward to having many more years of mutually beneficial collaboration with Magenable.

Clare Bondi Sands
Clare Picot

Bondi Sands

Thanks to Alex and his team at Magenable, we can now spend less time worrying about our website and more time concentrating scaling our marketing efforts


Ardent Alpaca

Great service, always ready to help

We are all facing this tumultuous situation, but together we can rise to the challenge and support one another

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